Sunday, 3 August 2014

Welcome to the website of April Andrews!

April writes M/M and F/F erotic romance in all sorts of genres, from science fiction to fantasy, from contemporary to post-apocalyptic - if she hasn't tried it yet she will before long. 

April also writes M/M/F romance, published under her alter-ego, Saba Sparks, and though Saba's books are mainly contemporary she has plans for an epic science-fiction series as soon as she can find some time!

April hails from England, and now lives in the beautiful capital. She hates the Tube, but loves wandering around London's museums. She also loves taking time to explore the English coastline, and to traipse her way around England's national forests. Of course, she can't be gone for too long as April has many, many cats. She considers them her writing buddies though they don't tend to contribute much to the plot... 

April loves to hear from her readers, and can be found on Facebook (though her visits are ridiculously infrequent) or you can email her, which she prefers ( She thinks her readers are the best out there, and is always happy to chat about new and upcoming releases. April is also happy to gift copies of her books to reviewers, so if you would like a review copy of any of her books please let us know. Also, cat pictures are always appreciated.

To keep up to date with April's releases sign up to her newsletter or bookmark this page. And to buy any of April's books head to Amazon, iBooks or Smashwords. You'll find both April and Saba there.