Book list

Below is April's full book list (in series reading order) 

The Mating Season
- Taken by Two 
- Captured by Three 
- Chased by Four 
- Enslaved by Five  
- Owned by One 
- Seduction of Six 

Also available as a complete boxset
Also available in German 

Warriors of the World
- The Gladiator's Prize 
- The Gladiator's Bargain 
- The Gladiator's Sacrifice 
- The Gladiator's Surrender 
- The Queen's Pet (F/F)

A Twisted Erotica Fairytale 
- Bargain with the Beast 
- Submit to the Beast 

Zero Five
- His Willing Slave 
- Their Willing Slave 

- Bound by Him 
- Bound to Them 
- Bound by Three 
- Bound by Lust

The Omega Auctions
- Omega Auctions book one 
- Omega Auctions book two 
- Auctioned for the Alpha
- The Human and the Omega 
- Bought by the Betas 
- The Omega's Unexpected Mate
- Rescuing his Omega
- Pack versus Mate

Shifters in Uniform
- The Sheriff's Lone Wolf
- Their Innocent Mate  

The Lab of Erotic Horrors
- An Omega for the Beasts
- Free the Beasts

Contemporary Collection
- Bend for the Billionaire (contemporary)
- A Lesson for Intern (contemporary)
- Melt for the Millionaire (contemporary)

Other books
- The Hunt (post-apocalyptic)
- The Claiming of a Virgin King (fantasy)
- An Unconventional Desire (historical)
- Crossing the Line (sci-fi)

Books published as Saba Sparks (MMF)
- Waiting on Them
- Double Trouble
- Their Virgin Neighbour